Mondelliani… Eye Catching People

An attitude about style and quality, between the past and the future, tradition and innovation, bound together by an innate sensibility for color: these are the distinctive marks of Mondelliani. 

A made in Italy that is born out of the experience and tradition of the Mondello family, that every day together with a team of expert and passionate professionals, is working to let the world see more clearly and more colorfully. Culture, good taste, sensibility and irony inform every collection of glasses, a refined look, always chic.

Mondelliani Shops, located in the heart of Rome, on Via dei Bergamaschi 49, Via del Pellegrino 98 and on Via dei Prefetti 11, they are a space so small it seems a secret address address. Places  where you can find the best international eyewear brands, so as to find the perfect pair of glasses for the face and the personality of whoever wears them.

Mondelliani Glasses always looking for quality, decided to do a partnership with Zeiss, a world company  leader in the production of spectacle lenses and optical products.

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